2BHK Flat For Rent in Janabiya, Saar

2BHK Flat For Rent in Janabiya, Saar
Beds 2 Baths 2 Parking yes

Ref No: 3690775

Location: Al Janabiya, Saar

Type of property: Residential (unfurnished)

No. of available flats/spaces: 2BHK

Electricity & Water: Exclusive (EWA Inclusive option is not available)

Features: Car parking, elevator, Walkable distance to El Mercado mall and Village Gate, 3 mins to Atrium mall, Close to Janbiyah Eco-Environmental Garden park and Aljanbiyah’s Garden park, 5 Mins to Saudi Causeway

Monthly Rent: BD200 (Exclusive) – Agreement executed for 1 year, payments on quarterly basis