What Marketing Strategy Will Take To Overcome Coronavirus (COVID -19)

What Marketing Strategy Will Take To Overcome Coronavirus (COVID -19)

The Covid-19 (coronavirus) and the shelter-in-place have been with us over a few months, yet they’ve already changed the way we live, the way we work, and the way we shop.

This calls for a new strategic approach to marketing that does not just aim to keep your business afloat but also helps you thrive and prepare for the world after.

The challenge

As many world leaders say that this is a “war against an invisible enemy.”

There is no doubt that this is a challenging time for everyone.

On one side, people are stuck at home, distancing, or isolating to stay safe. On the other, businesses are temporarily closing, revenue is lost, many employees are out of jobs while economic uncertainty looms.

One major weakness is not being ready for the digital transformation – not having an online presence.

Your brick-and-mortar operations may have shut down for the moment, but you can keep your business running – online. Transform and adapt to deliver your products or services safely to customers at homes.

To make it through the current crisis (and thrive) you need a website and online marketing strategy.

The current corona situation is going inverse, don’t be panic, we will overcome.

Strategy to overcome COVID-19(coronavirus)

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” – Helen Keller, Author[/vc_column_text]

1. Social Awareness Campaigns

Empathy and support are essential for nowadays marketing plan, including email campaigns.

  • Social initiatives.
  • Support for local communities.
  • Support of frontline workers.
  • Charitable collaborations.
  • Help seniors.
  • How people can commit. Staying positive is essential to cope with a crisis so support your customers by helping them smile and build up their energy stores.
  • An appropriate joke, a fun challenge, or cute photos of your team’s pets can foster a positive mindset as effectively as the previous technique.

2. Move your business online

During this coronavirus situation, more than ever your business needs an online presence.

Products are sold and bought online more than ever. With the fear of going outside and stay-at-home orders, there has been a shift in online shopping for essentials like food, groceries, and cleaning products as well as medications.


Moving from offline to online is something you cannot afford to miss out on. Even if you intend to continue running your physical store after the pandemic, you need an e-commerce website both to survive this period and set a foundation for the future.

You want a Domain Name and a Web Hosting at first. After that it comes to creating a website and an online presence, WordPress has emerged as the most popular platform that powers over 34% of all websites on the internet.

It also features an e-commerce store platform – WooCommerce, that’s used by over 26% of all online stores.

Bootstrap, Dreamweaver, Squarespace, Figma and many other tools are used to create website.

Consider hiring a local web design team to help you get your business online fast.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is the process of optimizing your website to get organic, or un-paid, traffic from the search engine results page. convert that traffic into customers and clients for your business.

3.Social Media marketing

Social media is a wildcard on a good day, so tread carefully — but that’s a must. If you don’t have an established presence on social channels (such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, etc), you should be there now. Especially if you find yourself having to pull back on ad spend, you will need to (responsibly) take advantage of all your organic opportunities.

You can post videos, photos, text, and graphics with relevant hashtags. Through this you can increase your traffic. If you are not satisfied with your own marketing, you can hire an agency to do it.

4. Paid ads are really, really cheap

The latest trend we are seeing is that social media ad campaigns are becoming cheaper. ensure that you clearly communicate your message and that it doesn’t lead to confusion.

Running PPC (Pay Per Click) ads on Facebook and Google is essential if you want to generate sales and customers right now.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, and others are reporting huge spikes in usage and traffic since the Coronavirus struck.

5. Make use of your CRM and email list

If your demand is down or you can’t afford paid advertising, you can still keep your business afloat. Scrape your CRM for existing customers or leads and run email marketing campaigns to re-engage those users.

It’s a free way to leverage what you already have and reach people on a large scale.

Use your email list in the following two ways:

  • Find the most valuable customers and provide special offers or just show empathy
  • Reach existing leads that haven’t bought from you yet with special offers

6. Deliver products/services to the doorstep

During the inverse situation, you have to arrange to deliver the product or services to the customer’s doorstep.

7. Promote gift cards and vouchers

Promote gift cards that can be used when your business resumes.

If you have to close temporarily, consider offering gift cards or a discount on future visits as a way for others to support you during this time.

8. Offer educational based training

If you are a service provider, consider selling your audience educational based courses. Whether that is Udemy or you are selling your own courses, people are looking for help.

9. Listing your business in local classifieds

These listings are specifically designed to help local searchers find the information that they need about businesses. If you have a physical location, this is a terrific way to generate foot traffic.

In Bahrain below are the main local classifieds:

Hire a digital marketing agency to list your business, services, products on a wider platform and more efficiently

10. Google My Business

Getting about 75% of desktop searches, Google dominates the other search engines. And an updated Google My Business Listing is a free, easy way to bring in customers from your immediate area.

A map with three local results is located under the paid ads but before search results. To find its way towards the top of listings, your entry needs to be optimized and filled out completely.

11. Participating in Virtual Events

We are uncertain when real events will be back in our lives. Virtual events occur on the internet and are not restricted to a single locality. With internet connectivity, you can participate in a virtual event from anywhere around the globe.


We live in a very challenging time. But every crisis can be turned into an opportunity. First of all, make sure to stay safe and healthy.

use some of our strategies to guide you through these uncertain times and help you cope and survive. Stay strong and be sure that there’s a silver lining in all this.

For building a foundation for the future, you should adopt during and after Covid-19 to ensure the survival and success of your business. You can find one thing to do to make a difference in your business. And if you need help, we can overcome together. We wish you all the best.

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